Secrets & Deceptions - Book coverNo, I spelled “launch” correctly. I didn’t mean to write “lunch” date. Secrets & Deceptions, my oh-so-long-awaited novel is launching on Wednesday, September 8th. I am as nervous as I would be if I had to stand in front of thousands of people and give a speech. After almost two years, my novel will be available for people to read and critique. Nothing in my life has prepared me for this.


I could really use some help from anyone reading this blog post.


I am hoping to get to #1 on Amazon in my genre and you can all help me get there!  If you click the link, you’ll be able to purchase the eBook ($3.99 and can be read on any computer or hand-held device) or the paperback for $15.99.

BuyNow From Amazon - Secrets & Deceptions

The whole thing hinges on sales so if you can part with $3.99, you’ll help me get to #1!  If not, just click on the link – that helps, too.  If you do buy it and read it, please post a review on Amazon.  One other way you can help me is to post this link on your Facebook page or on Twitter.  Here’s the link:


As I wrote my press release with my on-line publicist/expert, we realized something about the book and current events: Discrimination against minorities and immigrants. High unemployment. Murder of innocent people. Politicians controlling women’s choices. Lack of treatment for mental health issues. Never Ending Wars. Current headlines? No. They have made news for hundreds of years. All these topics are in the book, and the book covers events between 1890’s and 2005. The story is also about love, family, birth, death, and hope. I promise there is something in the book for everyone.


Secrets & Deceptions will officially launch on September 8, 2015 at and will be available at I can be reached at or visit her website