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In case you are wondering what a purple zebra has to do with either me or my publications, I’d like to tell you two short stories. The first is about my original run-in with a zebra.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Common Variable immune Disease (CVID). Basically it means I am more susceptible to infections, and I will keep the infections longer than the average person. I’ve been receiving monthly intravenous immunoglobulin therapy (IVIG) for four years, and I will probably have to do this for the rest of my life if it means I can stay healthier. When I was first diagnosed, I spent hours on the Internet learning more about this condition. First, it’s inherited. Second, it’s hard to diagnose in adults. One of the reasons for this is, when you go to a doctor with an infection, they prescribe an antibiotic and you get well. If you’ve had multiple infections and different types of infections, doctors generally don’t think about your having an underlying disease.  They are looking for “horses” because they are used to seeing horses. (Luckily, I had an PCP that after decades of treating me, decided to test me for CVID.) Doctors aren’t looking for “zebras.” The Infectious Disease Organization uses this story to help educate doctors about the disease: to look for zebras as well as horses.

The second story relates to the Baby Einstein videos. I was helping take care of a thirteen month old baby when his sister was very ill. He and his brother who was a year older loved watching these videos. We spent hours watching those videos. In one of the video’s there is a sequence involving zebras dancing around a May Pole. One of the zebras is purple. When I told them stories before they took a nap or went to sleep at night, I made up purple zebra stories. For one Christmas, I made them each his own Purple Zebra Storybook. As they grew older, they told me purple Zebra stories. We now have a character, “Purple Zebra,” and occasionally we create new stories.

Sometime in the future, the two boys are going to help me write a children’s book about the Purple Zebra and his adventures with two little boys and their aunt.


Purple Zebra Productionz, LLC is my publishing company. Eventually, HeleneDesignZ, with knitted and crocheted items, will be connected to the this page.