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Politicians’ War on Women: Nothing New

Discrimination against minorities and immigrants. High unemployment. Murder of innocent people. Politicians controlling women’s choices. Lack of treatment for mental health issues. Never Ending Wars. Current headlines? No. They have made news for hundreds of years.

When Helene Uhlfelder retired from her high-pressure management consulting and executive coaching career, she had no idea she’d be starting another career as a novelist. Nor did she anticipate that the plot lines would be so relevant today.

“Little did I know that my novel’s themes would be ones of current interest,” Helene Uhlfelder, a former columnist for Inside Business, says about her first novel, Secrets & Deceptions: A Three-Generation Mystery. “The inspiration for Secrets & Deceptions came when I began learning more about my heritage and family – what they had lived through in both Germany and America. I didn’t plan to write about the societal issues facing us today.”

Helene says, “My own family’s experience was the seed for this fictional account of three generations of women and their families. The story is about the difficulties those generations faced such as discrimination, unwanted pregnancies, social stigmas, and familial pressure. Plus their effect on society and individuals all wrapped up in what I hope are captivating characters and storylines.”

Secrets & Deceptions tells a rich and emotional story of three generations of women and the men in their lives. Beginning in Germany just before WWII and ending in the 21st century, the novel recounts tales of success and defeat, love and rejection, and life and death. The family of Hannah, Sophie, and Madeleine, the three generations of women, is the focus of this entertaining and compelling book which also recounts the horrors of Nazi Germany and its horrific impact on survivors and their families.

Helene had always been drawn to women writers like Anais Nin, Rosemary Daniels, and Erica Jong who wrote unabashedly about the sexual mores of their generations. Secrets & Deceptions explores sexuality and the morals of each generation and provides a vehicle for describing the emotional trauma inflicted upon women of those times. The book explores how women have evolved and how their role in society has changed in that societal norms no longer control women’s behavior as they did fifty to one hundred years ago.

When she began writing, she did not realize that the Holocaust would become a critical part of the story. During and after WWII, neither the survivors of the Holocaust nor the combat solders were diagnosed or treated for what is now known as PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Many of the characters in this book were victims of this now well-known disorder.

“I was astonished at how little I knew about my own family as I researched my ancestry and the eras over which my novel takes place. It was and is a labor of love and has involved a great of blood, sweat and tears,” Helene admitted.

Secrets & Deceptions will officially launch on September 8, 2015 at and will be available at Contact Helene