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I was struck with the genteel ss if the narrative as it flowed with short east read and and absorb paragraphs but the author had a talent for giving the reader something powerful in the last sentences in end sentences that knocked out
my breath and gave me room to catch my breath and to build curiosity before moving on. The book Is an account of three generations of women whose shame and secrets impacted the following generation leaving layers of confusion on the authors main characters Hannah,Sophie, and Madeleine’s understanding of home, family, femininity, marriage and the very rights to be who she was as a female and a person who mattered. Each woman in each generation had difficult decisions to make. The storyline is beautifully threaded throughout and ends unexpectedly and yet it all ties together like glue , coming together in a unique puzzle of repeated history. Hurrah for this profound understanding of the distortions and damage secrets cause . An excellent book and especially for a first time author. Her emotional insight is to be commended.

Celia C. Solomon

This novel is a riveting read – a story of love, lust, lies – hardships, heartaches, and sacrifices – vividly told by three generations of women .The backdrop of their lives is Nazi Germany and we feel and see the cost of Nazi Germany on the survivors and their families. With so many characters living in three generations, each generation stands on its own but is deeply affected by those who have gone before. It is three stories seamlessly woven together. I had just returned from a trip when I got the book. I was spellbound and did not unpack my suitcase until I had finished the book.

Betsy Phillips

Wonderful book. I was immediately captured by the author to find out what would happen to the characters. Also enjoyed the history that was entwined within the story.


Amazing! Offers the reader an intimate look into family life.


Great read from a great author!