Secrets & Deceptions: A Three Generation Mystery

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Secrets & Deceptions tells a rich and emotional story of three generations of women and the men in their lives.

Secrets & Deceptions - Book cover
Beginning in Germany just before WWII and ending in the 21st century, the novel recounts tales of success and defeat, love and rejection, life and death, and family in the lives of Hannah, Sophie, and Madeleine. Following in the style of writers such as Anais Nin and Erica Jong, the book explores sexuality and the mores of each generation.

The novel is also startlingly frank about the heart-breaking ramifications for 19th and early 20th centuries women who had to give their babies up for adoption, just because they were not married.

This entertaining and compelling book also recounts the horrors of Nazi Germany and its impact on survivors and their families. Secrets & Deceptions personalizes survivor guilt through the poignant story of Leo, Sophie’s husband and Madeleine’s father.

Although Secrets & Deceptions is a novel, Uhlfelder BuyNow From Amazon - Secrets & Deceptionsknows first hand the repercussions of the Holocaust. She is the daughter, niece and cousin of Holocaust survivors.

Reviewers describe the book as “hard to put down” and a “page turner.” “There is intrigue, passion, betrayal, joy, and secrets galore. These pages are going to turn themselves.”


Book Excerpts

Germany, 1922


“I will not marry him,” Hannah said as she stamped her foot. “I don’t care what you have promised. I will not marry him. How dare you make arrangements for my wedding? To someone I have never met. To someone almost fifty years old and who lives in America. What were you thinking?” she hissed at her parents.

She now understood why the house had been awash with frantic activity — drapes pulled down and dusted, rugs taken outside and beaten, and the floor polished to a shine. Mama had yelled at Clarisse, the maid, to make sure the upstairs rooms were swept twice.

“You’ll meet him, and you’ll marry him,” Hannah’s mother said, loudly, which was unlike her. “Your papa and I are tired of answering questions about why you aren’t married yet. People think something is wrong with you.” She paced the room, moving objects from place to place. “I don’t want people to think that you can’t get a husband; that you are no longer a virgin. Your sisters and brothers are married — it’s past time for you.” She paused, took a deep breath, and announced, “It’s arranged, so there’s no way to get out of it.”

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