Helene F. Uhlfelder


Helene F. Uhlfelder, Author and ArtistAlthough she wrote her first novel at the age of eight, Helene Uhlfelder honed her writing skills over the subsequent years by authoring mostly work-related books and articles. Completion of Secrets & Deceptions represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of writing an adult novel. Her writing has been influenced by Anais Nin and Erica Jong, as well as Rosemary Daniel, Lawrence Durrell, and Gustave Flaubert. In addition to author, Uhlfelder has been a teacher, therapist, actor, whitewater enthusiast, management consultant, and yarn artist. For her next challenges, she plans to undertake a children’s book, a science fiction novel, and a novel written from a man’s perspective. Uhlfelder was born in West Palm Beach Florida, lived in Atlanta Georgia for 25 years, and now lives with her husband in Norfolk Virginia.